Bedroom for one person:  1


9.000 Ft/36Eur/ night, with breakfast


Bedroom for two people: 9


11.000 Ft/44Eur/ night (in case for only 1 person: 9,000 Ft/36Eur) with breakfast


Bedroom for three people: 6


16.500 Ft/66Eur/ night, with breakfast


Bedroom for four people: 3


22.000 Ft/88Eur/night with breakfast




1800 Ft/8Eur/ person (lunch or diner)


 Charges of the wellness area:


1500 Ft/6Eur/ person


After 2 nights using the wellness are is free


Wellness card:


15.000 Ft/60Eur/ 10+2 occassions


Horse riding card:


2000Ft/8Eur/ 1 occassions


12.000 Ft/45Eur/ 10 occassions


Wellness + horse riding card:


25.000 Ft/100Eur/

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